Participating Workshops has for me been a very improving experience, even if it was difficult "dragging me to the trough" the first time.


Krakow, Poland. In The autumn invited by the Nordic House Krakow, in cooperation with The Region South of DK. A week with three other painters - Vivi Christensen from Odense DK, Margorzata Rosinska and Anna Schumacher, both Zakopana in the southern Poland - fantastic week in this beautiful, beautiful city!!


So Paulo, Brazil, together with: Karen Deget, Steen Rasmussen, Finn Have and Felix Pedersen all artists from Denmark.

We was invited in connexion with the EU-Youth-Jazz band was given concerts in Brazil at the same time, there first visit outside Europe.

We was participating because all of us had made a poster to the band, my contribution was back in 2003.





Nagoya University of Fine Arts, Japan, together with the Artist Steen Rasmussen, Javngyde Ry, Denmark. We was invited by the University as guest artists for a Month. It was a very important visit for me  meeting Japan and the Japanese people!!!



1997, 1998

Remise Academy, Brande, together with 17 artists from all over the World................... VERY VERY intense !!!!