Artworks in public space and decorations in houses.


2008 Poster for the play "Cyrano".  Click here
2007 Wall decoration in the wellness room at "Ørbæklund". "Anjuna Beach Goa".  Click here
2006 Painting at Brande Fitness. Click here
2006 Paintings at Brande Højskole.  Click here
2006 Poster for Swinging Europe "Bas player" Click here
2005 Wall paintings at Give Element Fabric, Denmark. They consist of 37 paintings 120x120 cm hanging outdoors on the factory wall; a story about concrete and it's use.   Click here
2004 Wallpainting at Sportsmaster, Brande. "Fotball". Klick here
2003 Poster to Swinging Europe. "The Guitarist".  Click here
2003 Paintings at auditoria, Holstebro Tekniske Skole, Holstebro, Denmark. It consists of two paintings 200x200 cm. that deals about the four elements and temperaments. Click here
2003 Paintings at the Reception of Welux, Thyregod, Denmark. Click here
2002 Paintings at Bonus Energy A/S, Brande, Denmark. They consist of seven paintings, in the cantina and the office, describing the area surrounding Skjern river.  Click here
2002 Adviser for wall painting at Ørbæklund, Brande, Denmark. It's about LOVE!        Click here
1999 Wall paintings in Borgergade, Brande, Denmark. A myth about the building of our church. Click here
1992, 1993 Decoration of daycares-centre, Skaghøj, Hammel, Denmark. It consists of painting the doors the ceilings, the walls and through it all, an ribbon of triangles.  Click here
1992 Paintings for Hammelhallen, Hammel, Denmark. It consists of 17 paintings dealing about "sports".  Click here
1984, 1989 Paintings for Sønderborg  Idrætshøjskole, Sønderborg Denmark. The school bought the paintings in connection with my stay as a guest artist.       Click here