1974 - 1975 Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Århus Denmark
  After two seasons at the Århus Art Academy I applied for "Det Jyske" and was admitted............... one year later I was thrown out because of a battle with another artist at the Academy.

"I came, I saw and the victory was mine" ;-)

Fellow students among others were: Mr. Hans Gregersen, Mr. Hans Kåre, Mr. Jon Gislason and Ms. Esther Vohnsen.

Teachers were: Mr. Egon Bjerg Nielsen and Mr. Ole Heerup.


1972 - 1974 Århus Kunstakademi, Århus Denmark
  I started the day after I was admitted, as another applicant decided not to go.

At that time I shared a flat with my friend Mr. Jens Birkving in "Pisserenden" - a street near the mainstreet in Copenhagen. We both studied science of litterature at the University of Copenhagen.

Jens also stopped his academic career one year later, and after he had been a fisherman for a while, he ended up as a marine technician and an author of children's books. He is dead now...

Fellow students at the academy, among others, were: Mr. Torben Rohde, Ms. Anne Marie Hansen, Mr. Søren Mathisen; he died back in 1995, and Ms. Esther Vohnsen.

My teachers at the Academy were: Mr. Mogens Gissel, Mr. Bjarne Jensen and Mr. Glyssing Jensen.