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8 December 10th ..

Wrote with an image: 'Arven' at 100x150, which can be seen on the news page, this about 'Romanticism'!

Romantic three parameters: The good, the true and the beautiful!
Hum! What about taking one for them all, the free thought's expression of the ideal - the three must be, at least in these days, already decided from individual ethics and aesthetics!

Here, then finally for today indicated that the outside is biting cold white winter, shovelling snow in 3 weeks now, but inside is cosy and warm to the sound of Handel: Messiah :-)

24. October 08th ..
Just read an article in JP, who claim that art's main task has always been to deliver surprises, the unexpected and the eye-opener and new ways of looking at things that make us smarter and inspires us.
Yes, it sounds just fine - and probably also hard to disagree with, but is it true?
IS it  the most important?
I think it certainly is one of the parameters, but I has it tremendously difficult with bombastic statements about what's art and what's not, however, I'm glad that someone dare to come with those statements, they can be both surprising, eye-opening and expanding.
The actual art hits me on a much deeper level and is very inspiring!
Somme said today that art should be political to be relevant - here I find it appropriate to quote the late Giersing (Danish painter), who said: "Political art is crap, good art is political."
  9. September 08 ..
Right now my head is full of nothing, other than a little slowness, I have a cold and drink a beer and the work on the four seasons for Månson, is nearly fulfilled - against closure / execution - the feeling is much like with my "potatoes field" years ago - ok only three, but feels much longer, happened so much.

I just see that it is more than a year ago, I wrote something on this page - well if there is nothing that need to be told, it can be the same, the experience in the operation, is the most important thing - not the reflection of the same - at least for me :-))



6th of June 07...

The Romantic's three parameter: "The supreme good, the truth  and the beauty".

Statements which is not become out of date for me!

Again: About the beauty, there is no key, answers. But I dare to say that every painter looks for the beauty which satisfied, she or him selves!

The two other statements, "The supreme good and the truth", are conspicuous by the absence of a key, answers,

One could say that it deals about fashion or believes!!

There you have to show your character and not take the opinion on the 'mountain' for an answer, if the answer collide with your own conviction :-)

The ugliness can only exist as a contrast to what  you, you self consider as beautiful !!

Oh yes :-)










Is a vegetable garden a "ready-made"?

Let's imagine my coming potatoes; I've just put some in a piece of my property, six square meters......I could choose to photograph it once a week for that matter...oh yes, I could do a lot of things....but I don't believe in the "institution's theory"!

My potatoes don't convert to art, just because I look at them and touch them...even if I am invited along with my potatoes to an Art Museum by the managing director to make an exhibition.

......My potatoes will still be potatoes.

Today is the 3rd of May 2005.

04th of October 2005.... I have now closed this project... 21 photos of my "potato field"... which I put in on the news page...

Now it is laying as a grave, waiting for a new spring!!!!