Solo exhibitions


2009 Galleri Spor1 Brande, December
2009 Galleri Quist Horsens, November
Easter Show in During Uldum Art Association.
Art Association Hvidovre Hospital. The exhibition took place at the hospital in October.
2005 Arthus,  Århus Denmark,
Arthus Gallery, Klostergade Aarhus. The gallery had suggested that the sculptor Kathryn Helbo should utilize floor space, and after watching a show where she attended, I thought it was perfectly fine, we would be able to "play" together. The exhibition opened on February 12 during this year's first snowstorm, which has not held people from coming in large numbers for a nice private view.


The  Art Association of Holstebro Technical School, Denmark. My exhibition was in connection with a delivery of two big (200x200) cm paintings., that the school wanted to buy for their new lecturer's room.




"Kunstforeningen Kunst i Brande "The Association" Art in Brande", Rådhuset (Municipality) Brande
2001 "Kunstforeningen Kunst i Brande "The Association" Art in Brande", Rådhuset (Municipality) Brande
2000 Gallery No. 23, Skive, Denmark
2000 "Kunst foreningen Ikast Rådhus", The Art Association of Muncipality of Ikast, Denmark
2000 Gallery B Nagoya University of Fine Art, Nagoya, Japan, together with the artist Mr. Steen Rasmussen, in connection with our stay as guest artists at the University.
1996 The Remise, Brande, together with Mr. Aksel Kror (my younger brother). We made two solo-exhibitions at the same time, at the same place.....old remise for steam locomotives....a large and beautiful place.
1991 Gallery "Art center Western Jutland", Skjern, Denmark
1990 Gallery "Vincent", Esbjerg, Denmark
1990 The Art Association "Mærsk", Esbjerg, Denmark
1989 Rådhuset (Munipality), Brande, the second "end exhibition" where I have "sold myself" in shares
1887 The Art association of the Bank of Djursland, Grenå, Denmark
1983, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1993, 2001, 2002 'Idrætshøjskolen in Sønderborg', a folk high school, with a lot of activities like athletics, gymnastics and swimming, it was here I heard about ART for the first time in a serious manner!
1983, 1984 Gallery Se Se, Århus, Denmark
1982, 1987 The Public Library in Brande, Denmark. The exhibition in 1987 was the first "end exhibition" where I have "sold myself" in shares.