Goa India, 2. time to this wonderful place in February / March and finished by travel up to Delhi, 'The pink city', 'Taj Mahal', final in a very small village with an old. fort and lots of ditto temples, Orcra states.
Mallorca, once again, I visited this beautiful island, beautiful when you are just a little bit away from the highway :-)
Mallorca, just a week on this gem, beautiful beautiful island.
Goa India, travel to the old Portuguese colony in December, meeting with a bygone age. Large :-) Photos here.
Azores, Portugal, a short trip to the middle of the Atlantic, an island so fruitful that people think it is a lie, experienced an earthquake and also dipped my luxury body in hot water that came directly from the mountain.


So Paulo, Brazil, I was travelling together with Swinging Europe, the EU-youth Jazz band, the organizing abilities around the band, and some Danish artists If your want to know the names, please go to "workshops".




Nagoya, Japan, where I was a guest artist at the Nagoya University of Fine Art, in May this year.







Egypt, My love one at that time Tina, thought that I needed to fresh up a little so we went to Egypt, visiting the old "Thebe", now Luxor, sow the Giants who took care of the approach to the Valley of the Kings...

At the same time I was reading Carters book about the finding of the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon.....It was big...





Bali, Kohsamui, Bangkok, Thailand, I was travelling together with an artist Yvonne Gerner from Denmark, she is now living in Riga Letland. The far East is beautiful, and I often long for going again......Thought a lot about India lately......







Competa, Andalusia, Spain, I rented a house in that beautiful mountain village, all white. There was several artists living there, most English and some Danes...Per Jensen, he is now living in Randers Denmark, Mads Madsen who now is dead  very young. Jan Milver (member of B5) who was visiting me... and was a good time with a lot of talk about art, and a lot of drinking to.

From my terrace I had a fantastic view over the Mediterranean...




Paris, France, I was visiting Paris spending three month looking at the Louvre, other museums, galleries and famous places from the art history.






Samothrace, Greece, I brought with me some books and colours, it was my intention to stay for a while. My friend Georg already was staying at the Island at the time, and there was several artists there as well.

I did some drawings, and we drank some was nice.




Samothrace Greece. I was trawling together with some friends, it was our intention to go to this island and practices diving in the see around, but unfortunately our equipment was not legal, it was confiscated by the local Greek authorities, and we didn't get it back before we was leaving the Island.