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 News: Old as well, just run down. From 27 August 2012, the finished works could be seen enlarged and alone, by clicking on the photo. Is there no magnification, the picture is not complete.


Update The 11th of March  2014

  Click here to follow my Mural painting, started May 2013  
  11 March 14th ..

115 x 130cm. "In a little while the coffee is ready."

Painted in multi stall on 'Beautiful party' in Skanderborg 2008, it was sold at auction in employee tent at the festival. Well heated by Liselotte Lohmann, who made a 'tray resting' potpourri. Tenders, there were two pictures, was donated to the Salvation Army, who was present with two officers.

I have been allowed by the buyer to correct a little on it and here is the end result.

Enjoyed the spring yesterday to the fullest, and this morning frost good hold again, but it accounts for a good day

  27 February 14 ..

'Birch' 100x178 cm. The latest tribes - hm!

Today could be my late mother being 90, she was 74
Paintings I understand intuitively, but ambiguous and imprecise, as opposed to egg mathematics.

Right now one, in a minute maybe something else.

Two plus two is the same now, as it is about a little!

  12 February 14.
Long time - hello again. This one is the same design as the three images below. but this one meter (120 x 140) cm.


May I add that Van Gogh created his art without arts funding from other than his brother Theo - a comment on a broadcast on DR K last night on arts funding.

The claim was: No support, no art?

Ignorance was complete when exactly Van Gogh was pulled forward as an example. He sold one work by Theo for 500franc, in his lifetime.

Like that!

  20th November 13 ..

(100 x 130) cm, "Musepaintet".

Delicacy, brittle and so anyway!


're Up to it, but it has so true also been a long time coming - can not really articulate it, and the imbalance - what it does to me, and not least from where it has come, as if it is not completely in my mind yet. I'm not talking about artistic technique, and random it is not!

  28 October 13 ..

(120 x 140) cm, a group portrait, "Congestion at the bar", just finished!

A hanging party I've had in the pipeline for 4 years.
I'm happy with it!

We are approaching the month of November and today was to get storm over the province, maybe even hurricane!
Right now it rains and I hear "The first time I saw you," with Poul Dissing.


Life is not the worst .....

  23 October 13 ..

This one measures 34 x 44cm, and is quite new, and yet, I have taken an old motive up again to see what time can make extra - where it can take me.

Has since, I have written here, been in Andalucía,  Competa a mountain village where I lived for a short time in 1988.

Lene my girlfriend turned 50 and invited here children and me.

The city has changed a lot, but still worth a visit, I greet to say!

  13 August 13 ..

The centre piece of the wall by the stream, "Red Anna".

The wall is finished and the image of the entire wall come one of these days, the photo I took does not work.


I am satisfied with the result and there will be detection / vernissage 31 August this year.
Everyone is welcome and it is done in flow from kl. 11 to 14 Hope to meet a lot of people there!

  13 August 13 ..

(40 x 50) cm. The portrait of Joseph Maria, has found his place.

It has had many expressions, and it has landed here, now it just rest a bit, to see if it lasts!

Many years ago, I portrayed his mother and aunt when they were the same age. A little fun to think about.


When it rains and blows, now, it's nice with a stick in the oven!

  13 August 13 ..

This one measures 210 x 210 cm. A tribute to Dionysus, the wine and ecstasy god in Greek mythology.

It was unveiled during the recently held beautiful celebration in Skanderborg.
I and three other painters, Lund Dichmann,Brande, Aksel Kror, Drantum and Aske Kror, Copenhagen attended.

We were invited by the festival to hold a picturesque camp, to create paintings in the beech woods!


As a common starting point, we chose to praise Dionysus :-

  13 August 13 ..
Also, this measuring 210x210 cm. A common format. The ideal was two pictures each of the 5 days and it succeeded.

There is a huge energy present in the forest, and it did it not inferior to any of the deal was access to beer ad libitum.

The festival had built a camp with outdoor walls where the canvas could be clamped up - a cosy shack built of pallets and caravan behind.

The festival selected on the last day a picture from each, from me, they chose the one above.



Five very intense days :-)

  4 July 13 ..

Portrait Started of Joseph Maria Hansen - on the road. He is 9 years.

The wall on the flow pauses, are so long that I have to be careful - swarm around and take a look!

When I say they should hang and mature, it is obviously in my head it happens - it can get as close to that I do not see a honk.


Then distance a go 'stuff!

  19th April 13 ...

(120 x 120) cm, "Birch Trees and bridge", sketch of location immediately to the right of the red figure below. After that, the 'trees' 5 down from 7 March.

Was down at the 'Wall' general meeting on Tuesday to present the project.

'The Wall' is an association that has been established in Brande, to promote art in public spaces. It was well received and they look forward to as I do that it starts!



Also on Tuesday, I was in Silkeborg and was video interviewed for Silkeborg local television. They contacted me and asked, I said yes!

  4th April 13 ..
(120x120) cm, "Red Hared Woman", one of the sketches for the central figure in 'the Nordea wall'.

The time is approaching when the heat sets in, and as soon as the wall is reported ready I start.

5 pictures down from 7 March I write about the connection. Clicking on the image will take you to a page where they are lined up.

So missing two next to 'her' here, which gathers outward.

Imagine this picture just under 3 meter tall, don't know what it is in feet - it must give something of a bang :-)

10th of April. The observant will notice I have switched her out with this!

  13th March 13 ...
Two down you see this here three days ago. The figure bothered me, was not in harmony with the trees - it is now.

Has also given a more unifying whole in colour.

Weird, but there it is.

Unknown truisms of blissful Ibsen -  the little yellow ticket on the rain-soaked purple asphalt - the experience of the colour scale in relation to surround that gives the effect.

A little yellow, very violet, strong experience of yellow!


Has this morning shovelling snow, equinox is approaching - next Thursday!

  12th March 13 ...

(122x175) cm. Painted in the darts space on Vagn´s inn, Brande, in 1997, painted on a 10mm plywood.

There it has the been since. Now there must be smoking room and the painting will be moved. In this context, I have had it for repair, washing and refreshing, if I may say so. Fairly faithful to it, but directed the worst thin entirety!



16 years ago, a guest of 20 at the time, is now 36 - of course, but still!

  10th March 13 ...

"Life elixir" (120x120) cm.

The below mentioned red haired, full-figure, is here.

The trees I have gone and looked at and photographed out at the power plant lake at Brande.

On the whole teeming with birch trees around here, but on the other hand, which makes it not so - the south they must do without what they probably, at the low, whistling unaware and do not care!



Spring I so boldly proclaimed a few days ago is now replaced by Siberian conditions.

  7th March 13 ..

"Birch Trees by a lake".

If you imagine 5 images in this size, with this one on the far right, the right underneath the far left. Seen from the front.

In the middle a big head / face with red hair, the two beside of the face to collect, so the five become one painting, you have my idea of the mural waiting shortly.

16.4 meters wide!

As I have it now, but it works all the time - working on one, also 120x120, where the redheads are in full figure. Come here soon!

Spring these days :-)

  28th February 13 ..

"Birch with city in the background" (120x120) cm.

Work continued rushing for the mural this summer, into those birch, which I consider very beautiful - have worked with them periodically, especially I remember a very good attempt on the rear panel of a wardrobe in the mid eighties.

It was a bang. 'Tiger tree' I called it. No longer exists, burnt it on a bonfire on an early summer morning along with other of my paintings in frustration over love.




Ah yes, that was then, now I have fire in the stove :-)

  15th February 13 ..

80x90cm, "Birch Trees", in view and thoughts of the wall this summer, has begun thinking of this one as right wing in a tripticon, woman's face in the middle and on the left, trees!

Was last Saturday in Aarhus to see Munch, weird, but soul shaking, it was not like the first time I saw him in London - ok, there it was also much better, bigger and with all 'the highlights'!

This here was, if I may say so, a thin cup of tea with too much graphics as filling - graphics pressing tells me very little.

Yet my old hero goes the distance with his power!

A few of the contemporary art in the museum, was good to see, and the lunch afterwards in town, was very very good!


8th February 13 .. Another canvas in the same size. 'Woman in birch grove' - remember length equal to 16.40 meters.

Good weekend :-)


30th of January 13.. 17x82cm, first draft for the wall at Nordea (bank) in Brande down against the stream, the Mural will be 290x1640cm.  

Starting  this summer!


10th December 12 ..

60x70cm. "Woman in gray."

A new Monday. My little sister's birthday. It is snowing lightly.

Yesterday I received the sad message that a friend of mine, and colleague Niels Ejnar Rust, was found dead in his apartment in Grenå.

He was 67år.

It could go high, and not always we agreed. Sometimes he could not live on his art, but always for it!

  7th December 12 ..

120x100cm. "woman in kimono and hat"

Here it is, the below full figure I was talking about.

Must start with at least one more  of the subject and see where it leads me.

And like a little larger.

As we get the politicians we deserve, the journalists we deserve - so we probably also get the artists and the art we deserve!

For my part, I am inclined to art and artists, is hurting different, and that we must not fall into the hole to believe that only it is the 'square' force that is the case!

Right now, I hear, for example, "Inga Nielsen and Small Muko", Christmas carols :)

Lovely - beautiful and lovely!

3rd December 12 ..

120x120, as promised.

Continue with the subject in the larger size and, a slightly different attitude.

Working with the figure in full size, but must have another up, more true to this one - you can see what I mean when it comes up.



Not in the sense that I do not support it as it is now, it just skated out in a completely different direction!
But I anticipate events this here I am extremely pleased with :-)

  22nd November 12 ...

66x77cm. "Woman with kimono and hat."

 End cheers!

Other shots of something that should culminate in this one scene in full figure!

The first was a small 30x40, with only her head, put it in below.


The work in series with the same motif is fun and difficult, also because the idea of ​​repeating you self arises .. cont.

  But as you can see it is not so simple. In fact, it is impossible for me to repeat myself.

This one is as I said, 30 x 40cm. The tone of the one I go for.

Have already started in at 120x140, it comes up here one of these days. So you can look from here and upwards to see the differences.



As I said, it must end in a full figure - if it ends?

  19th November 12 ..

Unusual size for me, 40x80cm.

An old motif  I've taken up, in fact, on request, this one's just gone on, or rather in another direction.

Has always been both attracted and repelled by Art Nouveau, the decorative element, but feel that I need a ride out of that keyboard. Try to pick my way of working with what I find beautiful, stand by my fascination.

Old problem. All may well go for just their perception of beauty.

As previously mentioned, the statement. 'I am attracted to the ugly', is also an aesthetic statement - beauty experience has just shifted!



One say, that's beautiful - another says ugly - and visa versa! I go for mine :-)

  12th November 12 ..

120x140cm. "Gesture".

Has worked on with the number two down from here, just in a much larger size, and then just put a hand in lieu of flowers!

Will give it another try in 120x120, and more consistent this time - it was also the intention of this here, but the images tend to take over in the process, in which I am dedicated to!



The process, yes and I am certainly not alone!

  The 2nd November 12 ..

120x100cm, "Alpha male".

Is very 'up' on it, and it is the way forward!

Sat long time last night, and thought about what is it that operate in it and is there anything that does not?

It's not quite that simple - a big strong beer helped a little on it and the trip went in circles to higher altitudes :-))




Well I'm happy with it, but is it finished? Waiting a few days to give it a larger view here. Too close can   blur the good judgment!

Today is the birthday of my younger brother , in 6 days my own, time passes and it goes fast!!

  30th October 12 ..

Three down, you can see how this one looked the 9th of October. Whether it is better now, I do not know really, but the red poppy was too strong, and so takes the one the other strokes, and suddenly it's a completely different painting!

It's quite nice, but back I can not get it if I regret the changes - that's it! Often it ends with totally over paint!



I have to go my way, and believe that what I'm attracted to, is the right for me.

23rd October 12 ..

115x130cm. One of paints a picture that was started in 1985, remodeled in 2000, and finally here in 2012.

Strange, but now it's there. What does it have been before? There it was was there also, was actually on KS with in the 85, Artists juried summer exhibition, which takes place in Tistrup, Jutland.

Than I am sitting here, quietly, in my red armchair and boom on!


Bowl on a beautiful autumn!

16th October 12 ..

66x77cm. 'Woman'.

The recognition, I'm talking about below, is not only on external things, similar ect. It is also the emergence of a form, brushwork, a language - suddenly 'recognize' you the thing you are doing.

Picasso was talking about that he was not a researcher, were not looking, he found! It is there we must look with 'the recognition' that turns out!


Good potato holiday! We called this week that when I was a kid :-)

  9th October 12 ....

60x70cm. The red is too strong, but otherwise it fits very well.

I keep going on with these portraits. It's euphoria for me to get to recognition - continue to suddenly it 'is' there, and since there is no model, it must be recognition from a different plane than the visible.




The sense of recognizing is the same, but that does not mean that it is the same person or thing I recognize!

  26th September 12 ..

10 numbers down to look at the development.

The red is really just not quite as strong, but not much - let it rest before I can click for larger version - in fact, so close!



Has been a week in Mallorca in a glorious heat, but also incurring a cold, which fortunately is coming to an end :-)

  12th September 12 ..

125x125cm, it is from 2010. Does not look quite square, but it is.

This is the picture I bought at auction by 'The Beautiful festival' in Skanderborg.

As mentioned, I have never tried it before, by my own paintings.
Have now not intention to keep it, even though the wall behind me, are extremely well in conjunction with 'Samwise Gamgee'.




They hang here for a while, will be put away, comes up again and suddenly they have found space in a new location. So it is!

  3rd September 12 ..

80x90cm. 10 images down, from the 14th March this year, you can see this one at that time.

There is magnification, by clicking, it's finished!

Has really started in painting over at this time, so it is, and it does nothing, if they just get better - the paintings!



September is the time, the sun is shining outside, and yesterday I had fire in the stove for the first time in this early autumn - cozy!

  30th August 12th ..

60x60cm, six down here you have it as it was on 10 May
Painting over is actually a very good start for me - not in the sense that everything should be painted over, but I do it so much. Samples also to pig canvases well with excess color and whim. It provides a good base.

This one I started as a Television team was here, teams and teams, they were here two man to make a program on portraits. It will be send to day.





I call the painting, "The Absinth drinker"!

  28th August 12th ..

8 pictures down, you have this here before undergoing a transformation!
66x77cm. Right now speaks it so much, so much talking it to me.
finished :-)





With this and "Dylan" below, I have tried to put a magnification zoom. Click on the photo and you see it alone. Will now do the same with the pictures when I declare them finished!

27th August 12th ..
"Bob Dylan", 125x125cm, one of three, the same size, all made in theMultishop at this year's "Beautiful party" in Skanderborg.
The images, along with five others, three from 2010 and one from 2011, put up for auction on Sunday 12th The starting price was  5000.00dkr. Two were withdrawn and one bought by myself. With the two "Amy's" who a week before were sold at Lauritz.com brought the three years of the festival happening around. 50.000kr. See all the pictures in the 'Gallery' under 2Skanderborg festival.
  23rd August 12th ..

Long time I've been in here. The computer has crashed. Now it should work again.

The photo is from the recently completed "Beautiful party" in Skanderborg, where I completed a three year project. This is a photo from my "Atelier" for four days and nights at the festival, three paintings 125x125cm.



This year's three images were portraits from covers, Dylan, Hendrix and Morisson. The project ended with an auction where they were sold ... Continue ..

  7th. June 12....Very close to being there - the triptykon are to hang with one centimetres be twin - in a house in Middelfart.

Has kept me from triangles in this one - on and off, so it is!

Actually I'm really happy with it - it just needs a little, where it can go both sides, with more work - wonderfully nervous!

I'm very old fashion in my sight on art, maybe your awarding that looking at my site.

I'm still saying good painting, rubbish ect. You don't become an full-grown artist directly from the jungle - it's a slow business. Stones have to be moved to look underneath. You have to learn to play notes, to get something out of the Piano.

  22nd May 12 .. 

211x165cm. Double Portrait in three parts, a triptych. Some of my friends.

Unfortunately, it can not be enlarged on this page - must have figured out how to make this possible. But hope it gives an idea anyway.

In last weekend old student meeting at IHS, Sport School in Sønderborg. 

45 Year Anniversary, the school celebrates its 60th.


 Revisited and lovely day in  a big Tipi with nice people around :-)

  10th May 12 ... 

60x60cm, 'Nature Morte ".

The image was started summer 11, in a small private workshop at Færgevej 31, Årøsund. South of Jutland. A workshop which again this year will kick of- assuming that all goes well :-)

Here is the triangles, if I may say so, the roof's go start browsing.''

It takes "a war" but I get so much caught up. 

I guess my 'clairobscur' page here appears - but there are also other pages. 


Must be free to use the different expressions that pulls in me - in the same picture!

  10th May 12 ... 

40x60cm, 'Woman, triangles and Norma Rae. "

The triangles are here more moderate in their distribution - one way or the other - and the only way to this empirical data is to test it.

Above you see one of the experiments.

To day I got my  exhibition home from Midtjysk School. It has been there for a month, and they were happy for it.

  17th April 12 .. 

69x77cm. "Woman with a cat in the garden." 

Triangles have again crept into my work. The front figures I have taken from an image dating back to the 93rd. I lived then in Søbygaard, up by Hammel and worked a lot with this form. A form which has appeared regularly ever since.




Right now I love it, it's so 'close', but it is also dangerous - even seductive - that's now all preoccupation, when I think about it. 

For me.

  14th March 12 .. 

80x80cm. Another one of my hats with a woman under - the ones I will probably never finish. 

The sign painted portrait turns me on - and here gathers the deep dark so nice.

Spring shows its face with weed everywhere - the repetition, who is never the same. 

Joy over the same. There is not diminished at all. All in all - not at all.



Take a Deep breath.

  14th March 12 .. 

120x120cm. "4 Mugs." 

A further elaboration of one of my Tarot images.

Strange, but have been extremely happy with it - would just touch a little, and then - quite a different picture. Now I am extreme satisfied.

Tomorrow they come from Midtjysk Afterschool, who once called Midtjysk Youth school - to catch 17 paintings to it an exhibition there. 

The school has 50 year anniversary in this year. I was a pupil at the first boys team in the 1962. 



After I has been a practical help as well as a teacher on the school.

  12th March 12 .. 

100x100cm. Has changed a few times, but believe it has graduallyfound its place. 

Woman in front of the piano, I call it inside my head.


Have just had a visit from my nephew who read literature in Odense. They learn that reality did not exist before it´s 'named' - pulled into the awareness and get started onearth, for example. various forms of seksualitet.




I generally agrees, but I also believe that the perception of that reality is changing according to current moral and fashion direction.

  18th February 12 ..

Za'blotska 'picture complete.


Painted after photo. Although the model is happiest with this version. 

The customer who ordered them is more to it underneath.

So is there so much!
I stand in favour of both.




Wish all visitors a great weekend - with what it mean!

  18th February 12 .. 

Two numbers down, you have this portrait from the first time - now it's finished. 


Above is the same girl portrayed, but, only after the photo. 

Here she sat. 

And like everyone. There have sat. Knows. Is it hard to keep a straight face, but it also given something. If you can catch. Can Catch it!

As a painter. Painter. The painter.

I presently consumed two refreshments consisting of Bloody Mary's. A bit excitable. Geared!

The stove sparkle.

 Lene picturesque castles and I have just discovered new programs on my TV!

  7th February 12 ..

110x140cm, "Patrick," a commissioned work. Portrait of a little boy on his "motorcycle" in front of the pram and house.

I myself think it is ok. A little success!

Outside it is very cold, this morning, minus 19 degrees, so it's nice that the stove burns merrily and holds it up to 26 inside.



Well started in 2012!

  18th January 2012 ... 

77x66cm, portrait. A Czech woman Ms Květa Za'blotska ',says she. An ordering. Sat one hour approx. The development will be shown here consecutively.

Hope your entrance  into the new year - 2012 - was well. The year according the Maia calendar will be our last. 

Other 'psychic', believes that it is the year where some of us, with a suitable oscillates, will be evacuated over to the planet Herkulobus, a brother planet to Earth that emerge from Tila solar system. 

The rest, those who want to follow the Earth up in fifth Graduation will be transferred to a huge Star ship, to big to our solar system, called Stella Novo.

I'm going to continue to paint I think!

And again Happy new year to all of you from me :-)

  30th of December 11 .. 

50x55cm, a reworking of my first sketch of Galadriel, in my recently completed project with Interpretations of Tolkien!

Made here more attentive, wearing a yellow hat :-)




Speaking of hats, here in the second last day of the year 2011, I wish all who visit this page, a happy and blessed new year in 2012, with Tailwind, and Prosper in what You do you :-)

  29th November 11 .. 81x93cm, acrylic on paper. 'Birch'. 

It hangs on my working wall and is almost exclusively about 'decoration' in my atelier, here are so empty.

51 paintings  now hang in RemisenBrande. The opening proceedings on the 19. was a great success - many people and they were pleased with it. 

Equity holders got their pictures and were happy, some more than others, but all expressed joy and satisfaction at having been involved in the project :-)

No I just feel a bit empty, but so it must be!

  14th November 11 .. 

69x77cm, "Girl with poppies in her hair."

The last image before my show at Saturday, which will cover approx. 50 works, depending on the wall space - and I am - is obviously excited at the reception. Theme I have not given much energy before.

If not just my art, and way of painting, can be considered as a theme!

My work is not based on a cult of the ugly sake of aesthetics - hm!

  9th on October 11. 

Four cups, 12 down as it was before this.

My Tolkien and Tarotprojekt nearing its end, but finished it is not. 

Right now I am working hard at getting finished with the catalogue for the exhibition, which will take place on 19 November, at 11-14, at RemisenBrande - on which you of course are invited!

Today I made ​​a page in the Gallery, called "Project Tolkien and Tarot", where you can see most of the pictures that come with the exhibition.


About 1 ½ years of work :-)

  30th August 11. 

'The Tarot card three cups'.

12 down in the series, this is seen here as it was in May, now it's finished.

I try in these tarot paraphrases to go the opposite way than the cards, there's cartoon-like going from the particular towards the general, as there may be too much to distract the symbolism of the card -

 I retain the symbols, but makes the characters present, so they become more important than their symbolic value. Apart from the conviction that if the symbols are archetypal, they will work regardless - they do not, they are just a postulate.

I will see if its working.

  22nd August 11. 

22 tracks below you can see the presentation for this one - 120x160cm, "Galadriel in Lothlorien."

The finish and getting here has been severe and long downs and ups, but now it's there :-)

Last week I sat in 'Multi Bod' on 'Beautiful feast' in Skanderborg and worked - three paintings, it was on again this year, what the project aims can be found under' Gallery'!

  22nd August 11. 

three down from 13 July I declared, with a certain sadness, this here done! It was thus not, but now it will be signed :-)


For Skanderborg, it was a wet game for the guests - I even sat inside all the time, made ​​my mental 'bubble' and pulled in the energy from the spectators, and with a not insignificant number of refreshments, it was who told the three pictures as you can see in the gallery !

  8th August 11 .. 

110x97, 13 tracks below you see this here as it was 29th April - the elements are still here, but have thus replaced the child on the horse with an Egyptian-inspired, sun-worshiping androgynous flower lover.

So now I call it Osiris - Osiris is a composite god who stands for fertility, death and resurrection. "The Sun" was the name before, but it is really the same thing it stands for, fertility and regeneration of the plant as well as in the animal kingdom!



Sun - yes yes, right now it is pissing down with rain. My outdoor tomatoes have difficulty with the lack of heat, but crave, they do not - nor do I - I think everything will do alright :-)

  27th July 11 ... 

(60x60) cm 'Summer and Poppy. "

Summer puts today's hot face forward, so here are a summer picture, as a way to create a little magic, so that could settle a stable high pressure a few months ahead - we need it!

I'm not trying to improve the world with my paintings, my ambition is not to renew the painting, not the viewer - but myself!

I want to be touched in connection with art and my ambition is to touch others with mine!

  13th July 11 ..25 numbers down from 17 December, are these two forest pictures. 

'Elves wandering in the Shire', I call them, the same motif with different spacing of the characters, different location of trees and different colour scheme. They are in size 130x160cm.



Right now I consider them both to complete, a bit sad actually because I completely disappeared into them!

  13th July 11. The thing with the sadness, happening really often -  cumbersome friends who finally found their best. 

So over the pile and soon elsewhere, but that's it; new stands and waits, and fear of the new canvas takes over - can I do it again, is the 'bird' flown?

To run it around in the chaos that slowly begins to take shape - the music in lines and cooler sets in and takes over the beauty, the beauty inside one self that makes a soundboard to bathe in!

Again, series is a god thing!

  5th July 11. 

 "Galadriel The Queen of Lothlorien, with her mirror and Hobbits"

Three images down from here, has evolved over here and I think it's finished!

Really like to work in series. My experience is that the images 'talk' with each other and develop together.

As the date says, we have July and midsummer, but it is now much left of it - would not do anything with a heat wave a few months.

  22nd. of June 11...

36 shots down from 8 September 10, this here before this. 120x120cm.

The flowers and stone dyke I've just outside, and together with the other corrections 'click', it was there! 

It prepared me great joy and galloping insights most of an evening where I, as a reward also tasted the 'bottle', and declared the painting finish!

Art historian may know more, but do they also have this to be worn on the wings into the euphoria centre in the stomach, the magical moments that can not be pre-ordered - I do not know!

  22nd June 11...

29 numbers down from 26 October 10, seen this picture before it was finished, it is now a little darker in colour along the easel then over here on the site - must have changed my camera out or get better in photoshop, size 120x140cm.

Has historian in Art -curators  more sense of art than the artist? Yes most likely, the artist gets the most in with empiricism, art historian, most with theory. There is a lot of theory in art now of days.

Maybe - maybe not!

  13. June 11...

18 tracks further down you find the beginning of this one, "Galladriel's Mirror", the format is 100x130cm.


My endeavour is to get that feeling of magic is that I have when I read the book, my feeling is both yearning for the world and withdrawal in to the motive. I'm there now!

Maybe Galadriel appear more like pure energy, but it's very close!

It is almost summer!

  23. May 11..  120 x120cm, Paraphrase of the Tarot card 'Four cups'.

12 tracks down the page from the fourth March, you see the previous for this one.
A young man sits indulge in thoughts under a tree. Before him are three cups and a hand reaches out from a cloud and offers him a fourth.

In passivity he is exhausted and do not take the offer. The three cups in front of him represent past 'gifts' that have been tiresome and not satisfying for  him.

It is now he must say yes to new conditions and exploit the opportunities.

Open him self up!

  17. May 11.

120x120cm. Paraphrase of the Tarot card 'Three Cups'.

Three girls in a fertile garden lifts their cups with 'life wine' - and  bring a toast to love!

The card says something about luck in love - sensitivity and sympathy for others - pleasure with the gifts of love - harmony, trust and unexpected talent in the arts - and healing as well!

Cups symbolize water element.

Pretty strong card to pull in a tie-up:))

  13. May 11.

Scroll down a bit on the side to 13 April, so you can see the progress.

 I go another way if I may say so, tarot cards are symbolic karts in 'comic style', or made ​​in abstract geometric patterns in order not to 'interfere' effect - interpretation!

I do it the other way around, but retains the symbols - here I lack just adding a key to the neck jewelry!

She holds the key to the subconscious, the water, dreams, emotions.



Today is Friday the 13th I wish you a nice weekend :-))

9. May 11...


 'Two sticks'.
There is control over the situation. He is master of his life is at its proprietary solid bastions. A stick (fire) is attached to a ring and a second, he holds in his hand ready as walking stick. His right hand holds a globe. The wall is decorated with white mind lilies that is mixed with lust, red roses. Cross shape of the decoration indicates that there is a balance between thought and action. In front of the lord is his kingdom, but it is no longer enough, he longs out, feels trapped by his own success, but he knows that it is the present together with past experience that creates the future!

3. May 11....

97x110cm, 'The Hermit'.

On a hill stands the hermit alone and in one hand, he lifts the lamp of truth in which one six pointed star is lit. The flickering light inner intuition leads him on the road.

Withdrawal from the external world in order to activate the unconscious mind, symbolized by the downward pointing triangle water. The upward fire triangle symbolizes a special counsellor, a teacher ukkult, dreams, or perhaps a spiritual teacher who is awakened in the self

29 April 11th. 110x97cm, 'The Sun'.
"A child who has no clothes on because it has nothing to hide, riding in his simplicity and innocence of a white horse, with intuition and action, red banner in the left hand. There is happiness and bright prospects ahead. Worldwide is ready, just jump out!. 'Journey', the development has reached its goal - no tape binds. Enlightenment - freedom is a reality! The stone wall stands for life before 'enlighten', filled with frames - the illusory perception of life that me and everything else, in contrast to me in everything else and everything else in me! Unity
20. April 11. 100x120cm, 'Magician', 'Entertainer' who juggles the elements of creative activity - air, the knife, fire, the pentacle, soil, the branch, and water the mug.
As above so below, downloading the energy in the spiritual world and brings it into reality. Infinity symbol woven into the shirt, and unity sign he carries as jewellery. Snake designed belt that bites its own tail, the time and the circuit - he says as God: 'I am'!
Have teased me a lot, but now is getting in through a hole :-)

The weather outside calls for a drink - cheers!

13. April 11 ..
100x120cm, 'High Priestess', she has the key to the unconscious, the moon hat she has taken off and laid down beside 'the moon seal', my decision - so she is not quite as sturdy; At the forehead She carries her characters, the' black discus ',' ying and yang ', the two pillars beside her, the same, the rug (with clamps) can only be passed  by insight, and this can not be cheated like Alexander who just cut the 'Gordian knot' over and thought that was it: - /
Here the feminine have to join with the masculine. Is not yet finished!
4. April 11 .. 6 tracks down 'the fool' has now arrived here. It could actually also be called 'Yonder on the alpine', or 'Here's the alpine rose from your friend ' :-)
But now it is here where spring is in full bloom, just got sent the blue which is used in the image from a colleague in Japan, it's called 'Aqua blue' and can not be bought here in Denmark, and also a blue called 'Sky Blue' - could probably mix them, but it's so very easy just to press them into fat volumes.
As said spring :-))
17. March 11 .. 55x60cm, "The Princess Arven with the sarcophagus of Aragorn in the background". She does not look like the first, but oh here she is older!
Image is for a print I've run out - the photo is made in connection with Jackson's film trilogy of 'The Ring', I assume.

A vision the elf princess has of the consequence of here love for a 'deadly'!

We are born, grow older and eventually we go away for a while!

16. March 11. 30x80cm 'Adding', one half, the left is a copy / paraphrase of a picture I found online, can not right now tell by whom, the other half is my addition would try out the light - felt comfortable with it!
4. March 11. 120x120cm.
4 cups
The card says that you are receiving a lot of tenderness, love, emotional attention. Enjoy it and accept it without making you addicted.

The card can also indicate that you should be aware of the good feelings that are rooted in the subconscious. Work to bring the unconscious to the conscious to maintain it as the source of these good feelings.

22. Feb. 11. 120x120cm.

"The Tarot Cards,
'Beakers King' is a friendly conscientious man with great experience. He is flexible and liberal. He works in the background and is highly respected.

Beakers are symbolic of the creative imagination, and when he is his Series leader, he symbolizes success, achievement of goals!

The card indicates that you yearn for mutual exchange with peers, and you may ask yourself, how can the exchange in your relationships be enriched".


Water - the subconscious - to flow - not trapped!

21. Feb. 11... 110x97cm. 'The Hanged Man' -
Hanging upside down for blood (and mind) can run to his head. That is one of the four major cards. Everything seems to be marking time, and there is really need new thinking to move forward. Prediction: It's time to go in thinking box. A pause in your life. Postponement of decisions. Trials. An adapted to changing circumstances. Sacrifice.

I see several opportunities here that he is not uneasy about the situation, hang relaxed knowing that everything is very good!

8. Feb. 11. 100x100cm. 'The Fool', Tarot card with the number 0, the first in the big Arcane - main maps.
Only just caught on, but it is not supposed to I will copy the card, will retain the symbols and attitude, experience it as if it were an actual scene I witnessed or was involved in and see where it takes me picturesque!

Painting not only from the big Arcane - drew randomly 13 cards, takes one away and  paint the 12.

Short 'Tarot' description of me and my options on 20th January 11 :-)

2. February 11 .. Not much changed apparently, but has thus yet been around!

Must go back with 'Celeborn' must be more 'airy' - beyond the known world, if I may say so, but let it rest a while.


Started with a series of paraphrases of tarot cards, the attacks will show up here on the page in the coming days!

20. January 11 .. 120x160cm.
"The Royal Highnesses Galadriel and Celeborn"

Their hall here in Lothlorien, stand with walls of trees that skirt the forest floor and ceiling of the sky - together they constitute the King and Queen, the image on the masculine and feminine developed to perfection in a creature - in other words, the androgynous human being!

11. January 11 .. 100x130cm, "Galadriel's mirror. " The illustration is close  - but why is it just I'm so afraid of that? When I are both figurative and narrative lies the course stumbling close - I could instead try to make my images for contemporary art, for example, give a fig. an iPad in hand, and with ugly skyscrapers in the background?

It's just not the story I will tell :-))

5. January 11 .. So we started with 2011 and this one is still 100x150cm as four numbers down, but otherwise no longer the same and very close to being where it should be!
And when is it? There is a beginning, an end and that in between - as in all creation! Exactly when an image has hit its destination, is a  decision!
23.december 10th .. Loyal visitors to this page will be able to recognize my potato field at 7.62 square meters, in summer time it was 'Georginebed' (flowers) and now in winter clothing.

At the bottom to the left would guess my sculpture - cut painted pylon with stone on top - heavy stone, I can tell you!

I would like to wish all a happy and enjoyable Christmas and a joyous, life-giving and Happy New Year!

17.december 10th .. 130x160cm, same title as the one underneath - this one came last but not the characters, first I worked the 'blue' forest up, but dared not go further, so this one with shapes.

Today came the shapes on the 'blue' one - but less on the surface!

Must get 'hold on something in itself beautiful and also sad - sad forge the loss of this beauty is about to leave your world!

17.december 10th. 130x160cm, 'Elves on their way to Grey Haven' last stop before the final farewell to Middle-earth!

When it can be written and sung, it can also be painted!

Hear Christmas songs, 'Danish Christmas' with little Muko and Inga Nielsen, a lovely album which I highly recommend.

Outside is cold and winter has a firm hold, it will probably be white Christmas!

8th of December 10th .. Pursue this here, tightened up more in 'landscape' so to speak.
The Romantic's three parameters: The good, the true and the beautiful!

Hum! What about taking under one, the free thoughts, about and expression, of the ideal - the three must be, at least in  these days, decided from individual ethics and aesthetics!

2. December 10 .. 120x120cm woman from head end, or 'The Bridge of the Anduin'!

The picture was started while shooting a documentary portrait  a young boy, Thomas, will try to do about me.

The model is one of my 'Stockbrokers', which in this way falls outside of 'the American lottery' when next year in November selected pictures!
It's winter and even one of the tough ones, get my exercise needs satisfied with plenty of snow!


16. November 10 .. A variant of 'Arven' a step down in a different format and it lies something here on the site in relation to the picture below, this picture measures 100x150cm. The downstairs 100x100!

Oddly, the figure has moved away from the fairy tale, has more here and now, with flowers in their hair growing out of a landscape - here and now? I'm fine with it


14. November 10 .. Here the first draft of 'legacy' - "Arven" an elvenprincess of Rivendell, at Danish "Kløvedal", 100x100cm.

 A well-known collective from Copenhagen, with residents took in the late 60's the name, several of them were and are still quite famous in the cultural landscape in Denmark!


Right now I should have been in Krakow in southern Poland, to the opening of an exhibition where I am with three shots.
I paint and has discovered that it develops myself, just my intention to develop my painting, not painting as such


27. October 10 .. 120x140cm.
Brothers Boromir and Faramir, son of Denethor 'The lord of Gondor' in King's absence!
Boromir seated, one of the nine companions of the ring being to Mordor!

Still hurts in my ribs and left foot, pills can do it - but for now a good Belgium beer- Leffe blond!

 0n Nov. 4, I am invited to a fernisage in Krakow, exhibition of workshop productions a year ago, same place - a fantastic week, along with good painters!


26th of October 10... 'Gimli and Legolas' has evolved here from three images below, dated 12th October. Now it is allowed to rest a little, buzz if I may say so.

A complete different light - maybe I should just back again?

Take occasionally arm lifts in an iron bar that hangs 2½ meter high across my bookcase.


Yesterday it felt down with me hanging onto the floor, so now I have sore ribs and a left heel!


19 October 10th. Ca. 21 numbers down from 21 April, has been changed to the first draft of "Galadriel" Queen of Elves country (forest) Lothlorien. Size is 50x55 cm.

Autumn is really set in, a year ago, I attended a workshop in Krakow, southern Poland - time racing! Nothing less!


My dahlias have been taken up, Now I put tulip bulbs so the garden is ready for winter!


I'm ready for now :-)


18. Oct. 10. 60x75cm. 'Vanitas' motif with dahlias, timer for eggs, horizontal glass from the cupboard, candlestick without candles, glasses, keys and a piece of branch on which the obligatory skull looming the jaw on top of a newspaper!


Transience, the fleeting, the absolute of the physical extent of time, but on the branch glimpsed a new shot - life goes on forever, it's at least what I'm leaning towards :-)


12. October 10.. 120x140cm, For the time being the first results of Gimli the dwarf from the Lonely mountain, and Elf  Legolas from Mirkwood, which plugs unusually between Elf and Dwarf, were inseparable on there quest.

Autumn is in full swing, onions are to be taken and onions to be sat - ground reversed - in general be ready for the frost took on my plot, which is at a so-called 'exposed position'.

The sun was shining little ago, evening is coming and very soon there will be time for a pint of good beer while I'm looking at the days work:-)


6. October 10 ..

Work on, made the man more masculine, the hand with his pipe - and the pipe itself changed, the other hand, the like - the pants - but not all changes are permanent (?)

I am spoiling for a good word, and out of it grows often subtle.

It is I who must make the decisions, 'the table' example. Is standing here in the atelier being a model and it looks like nothing from a tap room -
Hum :-)


29. September 10 .. 120x140cm, 'Ranger' or 'Aragorn', i.e. the first draft him, sitting here in Barliman Butterbur's inn 'The Prancing Pony' located in Bri.

A large mug of beer - came home last Sunday after a week in Mallorca, a day late because of technical problems with the airplane. Not fun with a 24 ours delay!

Scooter in the mountains, the magnificent scenery, deep glance in pins. Watercolours, well tasting food and wine as well! Stayed a week on that beautiful island!

8 September 10th .. 120x120cm, "Peregrin Took, called Pippin, and Merryadoc Brandybuck, called Merry ', seated  on a' stone dyke  making them selves comfortable with tobacco, smoke rings and a pair of sturdy beer bottles! Hobbits are an enjoying people who likes peace and quietness, a good glass of beer and several main meals during the day where they fit their don, during which they give of the machines is more complicated than the smith's bellows!

The Image is not made since yesterday, been sometime along the way, have 'crush' to gather the courage to get something blue of the way :-)

  7.september 10th ..

130x162cm, 'Gandalf' with hat and stick, on migration' in Eriador 'in Middle-earths third age. Maybe somewhere between 'The Shire' and 'Rivendell'.

I have a great feeling with these pictures :-))

Of course I have concerns whether it is too close to  illustration and the kind of story construction, but the reflection has fallen off in favour of what You can see here :-)

2nd September 10 ..

120x120cm, "Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins gardener on 'Bag End' in Hobbiton, and servant on the ring movement to" Orodruin "doomsday hill located in Mordor.

The journey began in year 1419, Shire recon!

This is the second of a series where I will portray the nine travel companions in 'The Ring Journey'!

I'm not over a comb agree with the Hollywood production of the characters in Tolkien's work about 'The Great Ring war in the third age of Middle-earth'.


So I  have to try if I can do it better my self:))

  25th August 10th .. 24x30cm, on wood. 'The Hat' occur at intervals of my images at all is my motifs are quite limited and I have it just fine with it.

You can say that it is both nostalgic and private imagery I excel in, and with joy on top of purchase.


There is enough to praise the opposite and it is good.

There must be diversity and scope present so art reflects real life :))

  10th August 10 ..

125x125cm. One of three pictures I made at the Skanderborg Festival in the gone weekend, if you'll see them all, then click on gallery to the left and click continue at Skanderborg project where I describe what it is about - but powerful four days it was. Are not quite come 'home' yet - has spent a few days to 'vegetate' in, but wow the energy is amazing to work in, people in the stand, on the square in front of the scene, yes and refreshment not forgetting.

Apropos I've not made that site in English yet, it will come!
I would say it succeeded this time :-))

  3rd August 10 ..

120x120cm 'Frodo Baggins' with pipe and tea, sitting in front of the house on 'Bag End' in 'Hobitton', in the year in 1402 after The Shire recon.
This year he turns 33 years where the hobbit become authoritative.

Frodo lives with his uncle, the legendary Bilbo Baggins who by inherit reasons have adopted him, in the same time they also fills the years the same date, namely 22 September. Bilbo turns this year the highest respectable age of the 111th.

And this year there should be a party of  'speciel magnificence', 144 year they  would become  together :-))

  21st July 10 ..

100x130cm 'Double Portrait', smiling even, the source is a photo and there they smiles, but that can be changed without become 'sad' :))

This is also the first image that has come so far in my 'equity project,' and it is also one which can not be elected by the other 'holders' - portrait :-)

Is totally crazy about the weather these days :-))))

  19th July 10 .. 36x36cm, holding to a greater - not intended as sketch, it is distinct as it is, but will just want to see something similar in large format!


The human face fascinates me in a degree so I paint it again and again - as a boy I drew beside 'boxing' and 'Bible' themes, heads - We had in my home a scam copy of Ankers (Danish painter) 'Fishermans face' with his pipe, a face I drew ever and always - that and a specific farm and its surroundings, Skjoldbjerg it is called, near by Vorbasse, where I spent all my vacations - but I did not drew animals -  strange enough, looking back in the mirror!

  7th July 10 ..

110 numbers below approx. from 1 July 2008 have this one evolved from - I may see, I will see, maybe it is ok now! The size is 115x130, it is also represented on the 'For Sale' page,  there it must be removed from!

The weekend was fantastic - and what a weather finally summer :-)

32 we were buzzed and played Petanque here on the register from 11 Saturday morning to late at night, however, recorded thunder and lightning, and rain in large quantities at last!

That about the night was the celebration that continued :-))

  2nd July 10 ..

 28 numbers below you will see this as it looked then - something about nakedness in conjunction with the character's position was for releasing, strange because it comes after all from within myself - something to think about, but now it is as you can see. and finish is very close :-))



Still I have now started my project and below I read that I could use some summer - we have so obtained and tomorrow I held a petanque tournament in my yard:))

  13th June 10 ...

9 photos below now looks like this, and feelings are very fine about it, and then it is even sold :-))

About two days  my share project is beginning, commissioned canvases - ready up in my head, yes is actually already in the process.

Wonderful :-)

And so I could use some summer, it is just to the cold and windy side, but it will come;))

  11th June 10.

Not much difference, except for 'dress' and the photograph, the downstairs is a little 'pressure' from reality, but that is the same image, as I said work on the dress and body - very close to being there.



I mention below that my 'share project' starts on the15th of June, 'Share-holders' is entirely in number, and now there is work in peace the next 1 ½ years - apart from the deadline at the end of 2011 :-)

  8.juni 10th .. 120x140cm. I work here on with the figure two steps down, but not on the same canvas, as evidenced by the format, my thought was in fact 200x200cm, but now I had just this format standing, a format I like very much to work with - and obviously also with the figure, a figure I'm not ready to leave!



My share project shall enter into force on 15th of June this year:-)

  19th May 10 ..

11 numbers below this one looks different, but now like this, 40x40cms. and I am almost sure that there will be no more changing to it.

Those who receive my newsletter know I'm currently doing a promotion where I put my pictures on 'shares', a fixed monthly amount, and after 18 months the choice of image on an exhibition, the sequence of option happens after the draw. The goal is 20 participants right now I'm up on 13th


And today the sun is shining!

  27th April 10 .. Four down from seventh in April, has here found its ultimate expression and I am very 'up' on it!

Just a follow up on conversations from yesterday, I do not think it is possible to create something which lies outside our common consciousness, 'the lack of history'. I believe things are created from the already created in symbiosis with the extension of the above 'consciousness'- However, I note that there appear differences in sensitivity in the common - and that everything which is being celebrated as innovative art is not necessarily so.

There we must be brave!

  26th April 10 .. And again it goes, more 'on', or quite as introspective as below but still I have the large format in mind, 200x200cm, for example :-))

Do I choose what I will paint or chooses what to be painted by me - me?

Do painters try to paint what's already painted in a new way, or seek some on to invent something new, liberated from history?

I do not know, but believe that each painter's 'form' is unique, and in that sense, also new :-)

  20th April 10....

This here is 'Sir litel mørmade aus Brande' after further processing, are five numbers below from the 17th March. What I'm writing about the picture is still the same, but I would just make a little change, and then something else happened.

I have to realize that the face,  the heads turn me on and that is, the fear of repetition is nonsense, it can never be as long as I get drawn into the magic of the picture.

Will try this one in size and perhaps in a slightly different pruning!

  19th April 10 ..

'The Couple' of 5 numbers below now looks like this. As I mentioned immediately below, it has caused me great distress, anguish are now beginning to loosen, even a clue to the sentimental side. But I say never mind - 'the situation' which describes the image here, I am much more in favour of, then of a scenario where they cut the heads off each other.

Anyway to day after a lovely week with spring in the garden :-))

  7th of April 10 .. This one measures 100x100cm and is an elaboration of one who are 34 numbers below from the 8th of October, lacks a little (maybe), but not much.

Spring has arrived and today I have been digging up my 7.62 square meters,  this year it will be the home for Dahlias:)))

Sat outside in the sun and enjoyed an Easter brew after having worked and enjoyed it.

Inside, I have otherwise worked most with 'The couple's down from the 3rd of March and it has really put me on trial!

  25. March 10 ..

120x140cm, and brand new, down 6 numbers from 25 February is the model and then here in a different format and tone - right now I dare not do more about it - is fine!

Have just watched a program about an impending 'art price bubble', Just like shares and property ditto - very interesting!

Art means different things at different times, wondering about artists also changing underlying?

  18. March 10 ... 60x70cm, an image that has been very slow in coming with different expressions and now it's here!

I write below the energy release of the beholder, and when it goes well ect .. I must also make clear that it always are the viewer's experience there is the truth, it does not have, in any way to be consistent with my ditto - although it's great to be 'understood' if I may say so :-)

Tomorrow I have, together with one Danish and two Polish painters a fernisage in new Targ in Poland :-)

  17. March 10 .. 50x55cm, 'Sir litel mørmade aus 'Brande':))

For me it's not about what I paint, but how - I've said it before and make it like again - the line is very important to me, 'drawing', with colour and all the energy I am able to get into it - there it lies so bound, ready for release in the viewer - and when it goes well, the transfer of the experience I have to perform image.

The colour is necessary, but it is for me the overall 'shape':))


Spring is here, nearly no more snow outside :)))))

  3. March 10 ..

10 numbers below from the 8th February, are this here as it was then - was very difficult to paint over, was 'up' on it, but it lost Just  'tension' after a few days. Whether this change is for the better I do not know yet, but now it gets the chance.


Maybe it ends up that I go back to one of the other stages, but you just can not, I can not at least - and it's the conditions when I try to change something!

  1. March 10 ..

30x40cm, "Seated woman".

Here the first day of the first spring month, outside it thaws, sun shines and eats a lot of the snow, in a little while it begins to emerge with all sorts of flowers - birds singing already, and about 21 days, it is Equinox :-)


Cycle is moving steadily forward, and I move with it, in this cycle I have experienced 1st Mar. 64 times :-))



26. February 10 .. 40x40cm, 55 tracks farther down from 30 juli 09, says that perhaps there was plenty of triangles and that it could be allowed to simmer, I must say it has now also undergone a major change.
Top stories in the media arts at the front in those days applied toward the decorations at Amalienborg. Seemingly to court artist today who previously frequented are among the foremost artists in the country, with little difference to in the past that the number one today would present the so-called avant-garde contemporary art. Things seem to be turned upside down - or is it now that it may well be that the front of contemporary art is just our time salon, contemporary good taste among the powerful and controlling layer :-)))))
  25. February 10 ...

60x60cm, 'Winter at Powerstation Lake'. To work with 'landscape' is for me really hard, it is to translate the experienced scenario for an image, the energy at the canvas, free of the motif, but still refer to it, while the touch, take me as a image and use it for a Impetus, otherwise I use the human face or body to.

For a story I did not even quite know what is about, but I am reminded of when it breaks forth!


Just like a dream I can not even comprehend but which leaves me in her mood!

  24. February 10 ..

Maybe you can tell the difference between this here and below, now it is finished. Got blood on the tooth - a strange saying - and has embarked on winter landscape with a motif from the PowerStation lake, one of my childhood favourite playgrounds, will show up here in a day or two.

Single and unflashy, but that's the way it appears on my canvas a winter day in February 2010 :-))

  18. February 10 ..

'Winter Cityscape' at 60x60cm, depicting crossed Eastern Allé / Blichersvej in Brande, with blocks on Blichersvej. One of the many addresses I have lived in - it was in my early childhood, living lowest level at right, in the last block furthest away. The customer, it is still a commissioned work, has also lived there, the block I do not remember, but we called him Smalberg, Thin mountain in English I think , and he was big and strong.

I try to enter the landscape / cityscape, as I do in my Figure painting!

  15. February 2010 ...

The title of the Finnish landscape is now complete, is  "Skolvägen, Jakobstad," and alludes to a site which lies 500km north of Helsinki, in addition to the Gulf of Bothnia.


The customer who has entered the picture, was in his very early infancy there, was living there with his family in the red shed in front, totalling 16 square meters, Sanitation was well and shed!

  14. February 10 .. The colours in this one is more in line with reality than the one below, but it is also due to changes made in the treetops, but most of the slowdown in the 'red' house, more 'worn' in colour and fits better into its surroundings!

Nearing completion, I can feel, or put another way, close - I think :-))

'Skolvägen', it must be named and maybe a number?

Has been a challenge to work with!

  12. February 10 ..

Fun to see them together, the new from here today, and the other below, not all changes are for the better, but it is the risks you need to take in this here process.

The main headline of the day must be: 'If you can not immediately see or find a unifying structure in what you are working with, you must create it yourselves, and preferably the image beg' - the other way around, I have no experience - maybe there is something to think about ?

  11. February 10 .. 90x110cm, 'Finnish' landscape. A commissioned work based on the customer's memory and photos.

Have grown to be the factual things in place - so now remains 'painting' - but I am well on the way, in its sole discretion.


Not world-shaking innovations of painting tools, but quietly sinking down and reproduce the poetry I feel is present in those not flashy surroundings!

  8. February 10 .. Four numbers listed on this page, see this here as it looked in late January. So now this here, was overly intrusive with the male figure in the background - some very voyeuristic about it.

Do not know where it lands, but right now I'm up on it, this strange place where everything floats indefinable.


Find it difficult to put a title on, so I settle for 'Two women and a singing bowl'

  4. February 2010 .... Finished and there is a difference, but not much - try if you can see it, Just like in the 'Find five errors' tasks here, is just change, no error!

'Kyndelmisse' Day was two days ago, but I still think winter strings, at least I shovels snow every day, and my path and courtyard is plenty for my physical needs.


But beautiful it is!

  3. February 2010 ... Close to being finished, they came today from Horsens, despite the road conditions, and sat model - results were more 'life'!

Had worked further more than below, but to work after the live model, it just give it extra, which is almost magical, something happens on a plane I can not entirely explain, but it can be seen - and felt! And this is very important!

Moving a lot of snow these days, really winter :-)

  28. January 2010 .... Double Portrait of a brother and a sister from Horsens, a town from eastern Jylland, have not shown the initial exercises here, but is now well underway, even more than that.

They have been here for a photo session, where I subsequently worked them up on the canvas after these presentations. The time is now to where they should sit on the similarity. Portraits must be like, and also to act as picture!

  27. January 2010 ...Cheats in size, this one is 100x130, the figure is a variant, which You can see,  of the one down under, and it is 100x100. The canvas appears with a very different appearance in 71 images down from here, from the 4th of December 08.

 Was just changing a little and it was spreading - so to speak:))

On creative processes in artistic work, there is no key answers!

  18. January 2010 ... Previous version of this here, two steps down from 6 January. After buzzing a little, I could see it interacted 'victim', and it is about some of the worst I know, so far off track. Too much 'symbol' as well, of the two steps below, and therefore more anonymous / general, unlike this one which is subjective and 'experienced'.

Know we talk about 'distance' and the general as the great revelation, but I would rather as close as possible!


Close and subjective :-))

  6. January 2010 ... It is so white out there - and we are engaged in a new decade. For 10 decades ago, in 1910, did they tackle the weather as the present days snowing, with ordinary horsepower and Elbow grease, folk contain at  many places and can't leave home, despite several horses under the hood - ok, maybe to the edge, but who can predict 2110, if development occurs with the same growth factor as in the past 50 years, for example. Can the snow block your way out complied?
  6. January 2010 ... 100x100cm, a further processing of a picture I called 'Girl in the interior', has been exhibited twice in the autumn of 09, but realized when it came back that it wanted more. The title I do not change, and I feel really good about it, is more saturated if I may say so.

I often come quickly to a seductive performance, and therefore early face the pain by performing the 'Kill your darling' trick, and it is, I must admit, not always it happens before after some time : - /

Saturated surfaces :-))

  21st of December 09 ..

This one measures 81x93 cm, 'Trees'. It is painted on paper and must be glued onto a plate, the start of it was like so many of my paintings, topical application of excess colour who suddenly becomes to something!


It is winter, there is snow, and frost the entire day and right away it is Christmas Eve, so I will take this opportunity to wish visitors to the page here, a blessed Merry Christmas and a happy happy new year :)

  2. December 09th ..

It's evening, this one measuring 100x100cm, and I call it 'Homage to Baltus'. Balthasar Klossowski De Rola - Baltus was born in Paris 1908 and dyed in Schweitzerland 2001. Saw him for the first time while I attended a workshop in Krakow this autumn (listed below) - very special fellow - it has become clear to me, once more, that nothing in the painting (art) is forbidden, it is there in front of you in the two dimensions, and what it may awaken within you is entirely your responsibility, not the creators!

In that I believe and I bring my ovation to that fact right here in a silent cold night - with a glass of wine :-)

  2. December 09th..47x60cm.

This image is made from my 2x3 meters big painting which hangs in the Church Hall in Brande, then a sample of the great one, as can be seen further down the page.

A commissioned work to be used as a gift to ward chairman Brønnum who has served 25 years as President.

For the same reason I have not been able to show it here before. It was given to him Sunday in the church hall.

  1. December 09th .. This one measures 64x75cm, acrylic on paper, and made in a bit of desperation because that no pictures adorned the walls, after they were hung up in Horsens.
On Saturday, three days ago I gave a fernisage of a new exhibition at 'Spor1' in Brande, an exhibition the gallery called "A tribute to the art of painting'. It was reasonable on the day with visitors, and the exhibition will last to 18 December.

Outside, there are right now a high sky and a great feeling in the air :-)







9. November 09th. 40x40cm, 'Guest in a bar' - and quite new, i.e.. it is currently at the gallery 'Kvist' in Horsens, so completely new, it's not, had Fernisage of my exhibition there, Saturday, 31 October, last Saturday. A good day. There are 33 pictures and I am very pleased with the hanging, which I for one rare once, not  stood for!
Party the same evening with my little brother, Aksel Kror, he had the opening of his and the inhabitants of Drantum citys 'gate' in the same place, followed by Kalas in the Atelier :-)



9. November 09th. 60x60cm, 'Head with light spot'. Is working on with the theme from Krakow!
Has contracted with a gallery in Brande 'Spor1', to exhibit there, with preview, 28 November 09. at 11 am to 13 pm, and up to 18 December. At the fernisage there will served mulled wine and small cake.

Birthday yesterday, and to that end, I was 'kidnapped' Saturday to  Verdi's opera 'Traviata', followed by dinner at 'Oluf' in Mejlgade up in Aarhus, oh yes :-)




26 October 09th .. This is the Polish painter Magorzata Rosinská from Zakopane, Poland, I called her Magareta, she was one of two Polish participants in a workshop organized by the 'Nordic House' in Krakow, Poland, together with 'Region South Denmark.
This workshop, I was invited to join in, here in the autumn holiday. The ending here just over a week ago!





This was the second Polish participation in the workshop, Anna Shumacher, seated between her three paintings - we had to perform tree paintings each in that week, if possible, where Nordic house then selected the one.
Anna has a website and the address is www.annaschumacher-malarstwo.pl
We had a lovely and rewarding week together, and in Magareta and Anka I had the best guides one could imagine, to show this beautiful city!




100x100cm, 'Anka' I call this, because I thought that the blue face resembles Anna Shumacher, and even quite inadvertently.
But otherwise, it is one of three lying head' inspired by a large sculpture of an interim principal at the market in Krakow. The artist is Igor Mitoraj and the sculpture overwhelmed me so completely and utterly - have put a photo of the marketplace in favour, three spots below from here, so you can get an idea about the case:))



100x100cm 'Head'.
The darkness under his head has traces of archways. Behind the head is a large building is under renovation, an old market building, you can see it in the photo below, just with these 'arches'.
A bit annoying that I have none of these paintings available for my exhibition which will take place on Saturday at 11. at Gallery 'Kvist', Swan Square 4 in Horsens, but must be displayed along with the others in Poland and Denmark.
  100x100cm, the last of the three I call 'Mary', however, worked with all three at the same time.

 Again the head, lying - behind the arcades and on top - 'Maria'.
At the Market Place behind the market building is a huge church, you recognize some of the photo below - St. Mary's Church!

 I've tried to create an allegorical or symbolic representation of the space.

Feel good about all three, and the trip :-))







Market of Krakow, overlooking the market building behind and above the background in one of two St. Mary's Church steeple, a spire from which each hour was played a piece on trumpet alternately to all corners of the world, it was touching to listen to.
We were four participants in the workshop, the second from Denmark is named Vivi Christensen and is from Odense. Have no photos of her or from her show, but she can be Goggled.




8. 0ktober 09th ..
100x100cm, is not entirely clear about what this is, or what I shall call it, I am titled my paintings, but the stories which are in them are often not easy just to get, even for me, but never mind, it's the viewer 
who 'owns' the experience. This is number five images with this Madonna-like face, which affects something in me, it's the banal and sentimental thing - it must be present in my work, just not in excess:))






5. October 09th. "Frida & Thomsen" is now landed here and I am satisfied, Thomsen has had more substance, so he fits the form appropriate to the rest.
Has been eastward today and confirmed an agreement to exhibit in the 'gallery Kvist' on Swan Square in Horsens, with preview 31 October 2009. Newsletter invitation follows! The place is not a gallery in the usual sense, more crafts and stuff, so it will be exciting if I can fit in there :o)


26. September 09th ..
"Singing bowl floating around in the birch grove", 100x100cm.
The picture was started at the Sports School in Sønderborg back in March and after many different looks with various' cats migrant in between 'trees' it's landed here :-)
As I feel just more and more often, not many frills, just paint and then let the others argue about what is art and what is not! Have a good 'weekend :)
26. September 09th ..
A variant of the immediately underneath, smaller, 60x60cm.
What's  beauty? The one who touches, or is it an agenda which there is consensus about something temporary, a fashion? And does the first need to be at odds with the past, just think of the 80er boys (football) wearing shorts!
Is there a 'heart' to 'heart' beauty there is eternal?
I believe it :-)





22. September 09.. 100x100cm, and brand new, is on shaky ground, but are comfortable with it, now I will see.
Was last week in Majorca - beautiful beautiful island that could easily withstand a prolonged stay with watercolour pad and a pen for Indian ink in preparedness. Have now been there a few times, five to be precise.  To get away from home sometimes, is important for me - but this has not always been - well at home, best at home, were the norm - it has changed a bit!



22. September 09.. 50x55cm, and as evidenced by the signature its an 'update' of a 'face' I made last year.
Last Sunday I was in  Brande church to a divine service, and subsequent to lunch in the church hall, invited by the parish council! The occasion was the exposure of my 2x3m. large image as seen further down this page from the 3rd of June.
In the future it will hang on the 'square' in the church hall.
  2 September 09 ... "Frida and Thomsen" evolves quietly, five numbers down, you have it as it was August 17.

The figure now stands in the middle are not consider who is beautiful, her or the flower, now it is about experience of it - presence!

The fig. To the right always follow and knock on for dissolute Motion, but here all  four are present right now, and in that case there are no room for 'nothing', if I may say so :-)

  2. September 09th .. Probably a re-working of one who is approx. 86 tracks from here downwards, from the 13.februar 08th "Woman bathing in light", maybe the yellow could be clear a little more, but right now it speaks tremendously to me. As the below, still 130x162cm.



Nature contra culture, man made nature made.

  2. September 09th ... For those who have followed this site, will this work here be known,130x162 and is called "Romantic portrait", it includes both, but I have worked on it, I have done it before, but now - hm - now I believe it is there.

I'm working myself toward an exhibition on 31 October this year, approx. 20 pictures, spot Gallery 'Kvist' in Horsens.

 For those who are enrolled in my news list, there follows more.






26 August 09th .. 14 images below, is this here before it was finished, started on the beautiful festival in Skanderborg and then completed here!
I feel very fine with doing the triangles , get in a way more hands on it around the masks - triangular meshes, if I close them it becomes something else entirely - a mix is fine :-)

Summer blooming with dahlias and hydrangea so it is a delight, and if I sit out back and look at the tomato plant, the smell of mint is in the air :-))







20. August 09 ... 70x70cm, "Portrait of an artist" - inadvertently, this has come to look like a deceased colleague, Søren Mathisen from Kolding, we went to the Academy together in 70.erne in Aarhus, where we tinkled well. He was no more than in his forties and just as he was about to reap the laurel leaves on his work with his minimalist paintings - the State Art fond had begun to look at his side!
  I lift my glass and offer a toast to Søren and the free thought - in this 30 degrees!
  17. August 09 ..

130x162cm. This is a recast of 48 numbers below the picture on this page from 10 March, 'Catwalk' - a new decision, and now called  'Frida and Thomsen' :-))

Even further down, from 7 January are echoes of the bridge in Boca, Buenos Aires!

Must have me a better camera, images from Skanderborg, I have not taken and they are in much better quality!



17. August 09 ...

30x40 cm, this and the underlying without text other than the format, all made on the beautiful celebration in Skanderborg under the influence of music and energy-filled people.

Plus of course proper intake of various refreshments :-)))



  24x33cm, acryl on paper.








  60x60cm, acryl on canvas.












  43x32cm, acryl on papyrus.













  30x40cm, acryl on paper









  36x36cm, acryl on canvas. cheats in the size, it is square












  30x40cm, acryl on paper









  60x60cm, acryl on canvas












acryl on canvas

  28x31cm, acryl on canvas










  30x30cm, acryl on paper
  12th of August 09...

100x100cm, "Yellow lady makes the gate large" - also this one was made at Skanderborg's beautiful festival, and sold at an auction for exclusive Chilli / coffee assistants - the surplus was / is, as mentioned below, the uniform ring next year for the same helpers :-)

As I said a fantastic energy to work on, very similar to the one being built around deadlines and yet different - there are of course also a kind of deadline, four days, but then there are the music, the people and the activity on the festival!

The weather was fantastic :-)




11. August 09 .. 100x100cm, 'Young man with hat. Made in the coffee and Chilli shop, spelled in such way at the 'Chilli King Arne', in 'The beautiful festival' in Skanderborg.
Great energy to join, but a little hard for the ears, the amount is located right next to the beech scene - the solution to that, earplugs!
The image here was one of several, this were sold at an auction and the proceeds will go to a uniform for coffee and Cilli helpers next year:))

1. August 09 ... Another proposal for a poster of the same paragraph as below.
Clown garb and drinking red spots on cheeks and nose, the fear is of another character in a deeper way!
Leaning more to the underneath, this one is more the artist's pain and Jeppe is not an artist - Jeppe drinking, but why? Jeppe is a  victim, therefore drink Jeppe! The artist is never a victim, he is responsible - he drinks too :-)
  1. August 09 ....

 Further, it is a poster and will be ready in speechless but without becoming too esoteric, celestial bed, indicated by the starry sky is clear enough, hat thing in gold, as the stars!
Building a mountain in the horror of  the eiderdown, 'where am I, who am I'
All alone!

Viewed today Harrild moor, amazing - in the distance heard the highway and far away there was a windmill, but otherwise quiet and without signs of human presence - where am I, who am I?


Also visited Søby deposits could not know it again: - /






30. July 09 .. 40x40cm, "On stage," and identifying the disclosure triangle, thinking of the border here is exceeded - it is allowed to 'hang' so I must see.
Last week I was in Sønderborg on the 'Idrætshøjskole' there. Taught at a course called 'center of life' for people of plus 45, great fun. My profession was called 'artist studio' and I had 9 students who this week made some fine things. Teacher once a year and only there :-)




18. July 09 .. 30x40cm, triangles are pressing - again, if I may say so, is fine with this mix brings together different ways as when I draw with paint on top of an other motive, example 11 pictures down from here.
keep in a way more hold in it around the triangles, too. This one is on wood.



31x29 cm, on canvas. Sketch for a bigger - much bigger :-)

 This is my little pictures always - not because they work in larger formats, but that is how I feel about them.
That they nonetheless often goes beyond the outline is just fine with me:-)

Have a nice Weekend :-))

  30x30cm, on canvas



8. July 09 .. 40x40cm, an over paint, suddenly I could not see what I have had of experience in it, and then it had to go.
The images have to come into character if I may say so!

"In every epoch the ruling ideas of the ruling class, i.e.. The class of society is prevailing substantive power, while its dominant spiritual power" quote Karl Marx.

Is it true?

  8. July 09 .. I have now declared the finished portrait, her little son was here today with his grandparents, pointed and said 'mom', so it is there:))

Three other portraits waiting less,  40x40cm, but should otherwise to focus on exhibition in Horsens in the autumn, and up to, I keep everything else out!


Will enjoy a beer :)))





12. June 09 .. This is the first step of watercolour chalk on a canvas measuring 100x130cm a portrait of 'Sidsel' - the photo which I am working under is printed out in A4 and pasted up on the canvas with tape.
Bond roses below are allowed to wait, right now there are no subscription over - why these drawings on top of is a kind of, 'This is not a pipe' thing, a la Magritte!
  9. June 09 .. 42x50cm, 'Bond Roses' in the vacuum left by' Brand Lund Sande '- set the energy for the next task which is a portrait that also will appear on this site.

'Bond Roses' here may have a design in blue across in a chop!

Maybe not :-)


Puts an entry level below which shows the idea.

This one is also new, and measuring 30x40cm - new and new, the drawing on top is new - they have to hang a bit before the courage to 'go over it'  is there.

 It may sound strange, but with me it is often the case.

Considering to buy my self a projector - cheating in this context does not exist in my opinion, we may use the 'brushes' and' Colours'  available - and then see!

  3. June 09 ..

 Now the painting "Brandlund  Sande anno 1175", the myth of the creation of the church in Brande, part one, is finished.

It has been an exciting and fun job, and also difficult, especially the 'birch crowns' caused some headaches, but they 'gave' themselves :-)

Allows the 11 leading up to this one stand a few days yet!




16. May 09 .. The underground has made his entrance - and the 'spade' with which he has already dug a gold board down, he has over his shoulder - at the  board, he has placed a 'lindorm'(a nasty worm, who grows very big), so the story can walk it's way - as it always do). The 'minstrel dog' has become too big and the 'lark crowns' to massive!


7. May 09. Have not tackled yet, but it's seen very clearly, it's calling all over; 'bulls' to be' male,  not puppies. The figures behind does not work the same with the 'birch' crowns.
Have to find a bull somewhere and get it to pose, and in the same breath take a look at some birch :-)




30. April 09. This is an outline measuring 46x65cm, sketch because it is the first draft / proposal for an image of 200x300cm, which will hang if all goes well, in the parish house at the church in Brande. A reinterpreting of my mural by the square In Brande. A painting which covers 1 Part of the myth of the church, being build. 2. part is already in the parish house.
  26. April 09 .. 120x140 entitled "vomit", a situation where golf buddies throw balls up to select teams. To do this teams ranging from 7-8 pieces to around 30 each Saturday-Sunday  years around

The golf club celebrated the last weekend the new clubhouse, the picture here was a gift from the Saturday-Sunday Club in the lead.

The people in the painting is more or less recognizable and I was fine with the job :-)

It was well received, and now it's hanging in the Clubhouse!

20 April 09 .. There has been some time without updates, and it has the reason that I do not really have been able to show what I worked on because it was a gift from the staff at TBI in Thyregod to the same TBI, on the occasion of its 25 anniversary.
The picture here off and the three below are all (100x100) cm, with motifs from working at the factory.
Wood (carpentry), moulding, montage and wrapping.






















It's been a fun job and it was delivered last Friday, representing 17 April.
Fun, but difficult as well, took a lot of photos out there and let it 'boil', it was not a must, but they would like some of their business ideas visible in one way or another!
So I chose this here solution :-)




24. March 09 60x60cm
Portrait of "Helle", painted after photographs, a method where the outcome mostly  looks like the photo, but here I actually got further, in some way (?)
Very soon, it is again time for the shorts and airy robes - nice - and now I have to start a painting, 200x300 cm, commissioned by the parish council, an interpretation of my own mural down at the square in Brande the "myth of Brande Church history ".



10th of March 09 .. Four pictures below you'll see how this one looked on 7th of January 09. There have been changes, but it still called "Catwalk". Have just had a mighty  going up trip with it - these trips is difficult to be apart, but they will never arrive on command, the path there is to discover every single time - very strange, but so it is!
The sun is shining - spring - outside :-))



6. March 09 .. 120x120, made in five days at the Sports high school  in Sønderborg, it's now hanging in their newly renovated staying room together with two other of my paintings, the first one made in a week down there in 1984, the second in a week in 1989 and now representing 25 years after this one. Call it "On line" :-)
Jorgen Hinsby, a former teacher at the spot said the picture as he saw it: "I am myself, but ready to receive, responsive and thus not myself enough ':-))



28. January 09 ..
Complete - a little more along the first one - I'll just repeat that for me is no motive to banal,  to be delighted with flowers so much that I 'put' them on canvas, is not particularly political or innovative, nor directly provocative!
Also reiterates, that for me it deals about the artistic  experience, the experience in the process and that's that!
 The fool is walking safe and free, where angels dare not come :-))



7. January 2009. Calling this one "catwalk" size 130x162cm.
The Tiger here has long been under its way, worked in small sizes, but now it should be.
Nobody owns the designs and no motive is too banal, it's the 'language' which counts, if you will, in the performance comes  the experience - without it, it is a empty matter - with hot air to resemble!


6. January 2009. This photo was taken in Buenos Aires in late November, I draw with black ink on top of a watercolour. The result can be seen on my little exhibition of watercolours at Nordea Bank in Brande- the one I made was sold!
I've Just updated with photos from BA. are you interested go to the the Danish site under CV and choose 'rejser'.


21 December 08 .. Dorte, my little sister and I at the varnisage mentioned below.
The exhibition was well received by the attendees who were amused with Argentine  wine from the  Malbec grapes of course, but as evidenced by the photograph with beer as well:-)
I wish you who are visiting this site a Merry Christmas and a  tremendesly Happy New Year :-))
21. December 08 ..
Fernisage of my watercolours done in Buenos Aires from 30 October to 27 November this year. The exhibition lasts a month and takes place in the Nordea bank in Brande.
Besides 26 watercolours I exhibit also the image of " The Artist" just below :-)




4.December 08 .. A re-working of the immediately below. "Artist in the wings," and now I think it is there.

All November I stayed in Buenos Aires in Argentina, where I tried with watercolours, and "inhaled" B.A.into me as best I could - sometimes also I danced The tango:-)) More will follow from this trip, but now I'm home and free of the jetlag :-))

  4. March 08 ... Still 100x130cm.
The heavy and light?

The light held not long, here is Madonna without a child, consider whether she should have one?




In addition to the rest she is missing!

24th Oct 08 . This image is a small one at 22x26cm.
Have just read a feature in JP, that the opinion of the arts mission has always been to deliver surprises and the unexpected.
Nonsense, art's responsibility is to provide access to absorption - into this absorption it can surely be that you will be surprised and also meet the unexpected, but it is in side you self it happens!
  18th Oct. 08 .. 120x140cm. Completely new, but I have worked with the figure in other paintings, it keeps turning me on - so be it - Birch Trees, the woman, the Robe the limited palette - I am thrilled :-))


Once more I have to admit that the brain finds out of things and the heart find into things!


In a few moments I have some friends coming around for dinner - cheers ;-))



28. Sept. 08 ... An "Over paint" 100x130cm, "dahlias and roses peasant enough" - one of those happy images that comes by them selves, ok I know they do not, but the feeling of being, totally presence in every stroke, and the following euphoria as a side benefit :-))

So it is, and not quite bad - as we say around here!!

23. Sept. 08 ..

On the terrace at the hotel 'Aqua Beach' in 'Palmanova' Mallorca. With my new hat on my head, after a nice day out in the countryside, with various refreshments in adequate quantities of Corse - it was hot - stayed on the island throughout the past week - and it's just beautiful :-)

Like the heat :-)






27. august 08... Photo from Anholt, It's an island, the Sønderstrand, not far from 'Sønderbjerg', Anholts highest point, 46 meters I think.
Just after a trip in, the see, nice nice.

The attitude with naked torso and finger pointing, does not refer to the beautiful weather and many mosquitoes which invaded Anholt past weekend, but it alludes to a sculpture Standing in Sønderborg  in the same way, made after laser measuring, I believe. Who has 'made' the sculpture which I think is good, I do not know, but I think it shows  The Sønderborg boy and later professor at the Academy 'Carstensen,' and his' power play ', or in proper, English, the need to' piss territories of'- oh yes:-))

I was on the island as a guest at a wonderful 60års birthday celebration :-))

21. august 08 ... These 25 peaces of canvas must become "the Grarup autumn", the last of the paintings to Axel Månson. Warm colours, life's autumn,  The time just before the stalemate, beautiful and melancholy on hold - also for horticulture - and yet again in a different way, all have their seasons, but autumn seems more like spring in temperament - summer and winter, spring and autumn - is it the same for every life form?


Has just delivered "The Grarup summer":-)

19. august 08 ... 50x60cm, "Eva". The colours are not quite as in reality, but close.

Portrait of Eva Lohmann, as I have known since 1966, when we both started at the Sports School in Sønderborg (IHS). She reaches the age of sixty and for that occasion, I think it is appropriate with this statement :-)

Now she lives in Skanderborg with her husband Lars.

11.august 08.. 115x130cm.'Reflection'

From my little desk in 'Multiboden' at the Beautiful festival in Skanderborg, 'Multiboden' consists of coffee and Chilli, well, and then just a corner of the withdrawn oranges.
The President of Chilli, Cille thought we should try to have me standing and painting, and then auction the results











on Sunday afternoon, to the assistants at the festival. A happening like thing to stand and painting with all the energy that unfolded around 'multiboden' located right next to the big stage - and it worked! Also in 'that degree' :-))

Lise Lotte Lohmann, a famous Danish singer,  started the auction on Sunday with a "Bakkeoptræden" which toppled "Our bar", and after this performance, came the auction which was led by Don Johan Mathias, the images generated dkkr. 17.100,00 the full amount went to the Salvation Army, which had two representatives present to receive the money :-)

The picture here is very blurred, have a better sent later. The faces in the sides is the portraits of 'The Chillies':-)

28. July 08 ... Another group, this time from "Idrætshøjskolen in Sønderborg", in the final gathering in the lecture place, at the course "In mid-life", which took place in the past week.

 Was teaching in drawing and painting.
A wonderful week with a high speed - and lots of input - the week goes quickly, but seems somehow as much longer (?) ;-))

19. July 08 ... Guests in the atelier, this year's remise artists, representing Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, France. Scotland and Denmark, so I hope all is mentioned.

They came for a cosy time some hours, and a few dances, as well, and wine by all means.
About a week they will be gone again. Fantastic energy :-)

1. July 08 ... 130x100cm, this one is after the one just below, had contact almost immediately, tried really to go as close to paper as possible, but it was quickly over, so right now it is here!

Showing just to copy myself is not possible in the way I work.


Can of course see the family, but they say something absolutely different.
The downstairs is 42x50cm, and the colours are a little too bright. The colours in this one is very close. We will see whether it keeps.

10. June 08 ... 100x130cm, an 'Amy' variant here in June, where I am about to let up to 'The Grarup summer' - biked a long trip yesterday in the sunshine and took photos and otherwise 'consumed' the summer.


The 25 canvases is clear, but this one needed more, had hanged unfinished for a long time, could not finish it, but now it's there :-))

10. April 08 ... First notice of spring to Axel Månson, like in the 'Winter' composed "Spring", 25 canvas of 40x40cm. I would then grind working off the farm against this background. It will be very difficult to move forward from here - but has taken photos of the planting of lettuce, the machine which steam process ground against weeds, instead of pesticides, would actually also make 'portraits over, but has gone a little bit away from the idea , But now it may be allowed to rest a little :-))






1. April 08 .... 40x40cm, "On stage", new - i.e.. not entirely new, an over painting of a face!

Easter was, in addition to the exhibition, in the Argentine tangos signs down on Idrætshøjskolen in Sønderborg, and as usual, nearly speaking, fills this place me always up with good 'energy - and the tango with of Corse :-))

Can see there is a mismatch of sizes here on the page, but some would otherwise be too small!





25. March 08 ... 61x98cm - a modification of a Krøjer poster at a plate - yes!

I picked up yesterday what was left of my Easter exhibition in Tørring, exorbitant good experience, many people to the opening Palm Sunday, with a grand welcome speech by Jette Dissing. Two good reviews in the paper, and very well visited :-)

They are really something in that art club!

12. March 08 ... Once again a paraphrase, the format is 120x140cm.

Not finished - perhaps to tomorrow, not missing much.
Calls it "Par".


Hanging up Saturday, and am looking forward to see them together, and is almost ready as I type below. Will drink me an almost after work beer - an Easter beer :-))

9. March 08 ... Work on with this, which is from the autumn, an image I have swarmed around, and now it became this. It has the format 70x97 cm.

Is ready for the Easter exhibition in Tørring, there will be exhibited around 30 images, depending on the space on the place which I have not seen yet.
Coffee time :-))

9. March 08 ... 115x130.
'Penelophia1', the beginning of a paraphrase over a picture from 2005 that I painted at the same time as I reread a new translation of Homer's Odyssey '. This first Penelophia had the format 97x130.

I read with great joy and I work with as much joy with the old issues, which I find  new entrances to. What I'm by no means not is the only one who does :-))

4. March 08 ... 100x130, completely new, however, I have used the figure before, but in a smaller version - it is the robe :-))

Has mentioned it, but the 16. March, that is Palm Sunday, I do open an exhibition in Tørring. it will take place in something called Kildebakkehuset and the Address is Degnevej. The time is at. 14-16.You are most welcome :-)

  4. March 08... 115x130cm, "woman with a hat"

I have something with hats :-))









4. March 08 ... 60x75cm.
Amy back again, strange as the mug is a good start - for me :-))







4.marts 08 ... 70x70cm,
A paraphrase over a picture I called a blue lady, this one is 70x70 cm!









4.marts 08 ... 50x60cm
Has worked hard with this idea, but more with the figure upon  the background which was landscape!

Usually I fills the square with text, but not to day!





  4. marts 08... 50x60cm









18. February 08 ... Here we have a close paraphrase of an image I call "Calypso", so this is "Calypso2", and has the format (100x100) cm, the first one is (120x120) cm, Calypso 2 fills more on the surface, and Udysseus  slightly more clear :-))
At the Gallery after 2000, you can see the original.

Paraphrase is a rewrite, where a copy is a - yes a copy - this is definitely a paraphrase! I CAN not make copies ;-//

13. February 08 ... It seems better to me now, the yellow is a bit in retreat, its more like the one from the 2. February and yet so different!

It is late, in fact midnight, here are very quiet, only the machine humming, which can also be high enough, now I just came to listen.

So it is.


Oh yes :-)

28. January 08 ... 50x60 cm, again this Amy, she is a fascination to me, she burns her self at both ends and is probably quite intolerable right now she looks quite devastated, and she's blonde - but the hair I will change as I want :-)

Here it perhaps worth mentioning Magritte's small accurate representation of a pipe, which is titled "this is not a pipe" - Hm :-)


25x60 cm. The 'models' I have from the newspapers, there is something about her every day, must be quite tiring to be that known, but this maintenance activities, is living in symbiosis with the media - does art the same?
16. January 08 ... Here it's landed my winter image, next step is to hang on the wall out in Månson A / S.

So, I'm waiting for the emerging signs of spring and new 25 pieces at '40 x 40 cm, but is already beginning to consider how they should be addressed - there are many opportunities with these modules  :-)
Listening to Mark Knopfler, but the wind outside calls for company, and after this meeting, it should be a nice place for a beer ;-))

2. January 2008 .. Very happy New Year to you who visit my page.


 The picture here is an over painting of one which already has undergone a dramatic change up to several times, but now I think it is about to be there. The format is 120x140 cm.
Has worked with the figure in another image which I called 'Zig girl', but later found out that the newspaper model imagine this Amy Winehouse!

12. December 07 ... A small one 30x40 cm. Blues portrait of a woman. I found her in a newspaper, a wild rock singer, can not remember her name; Amy something, she is in the trouble area because of her guy is in the jail.

Was this weekend to a Christmas dinner, and had a couple of days to get me, but right now in gear :-)

3. December 07 ... Now the picture is like this, and most of the time, has been under the influence of "Die Schöpfung", by Joseph Haydn, and if you are looking very carefully, you maybe can see it :-)

Can not agree with my self if I have been adding anything better - Art - Art??

In any case, Art is not a static size, it is almost a fact, when something is known as the arts, it is already past - the art is experienced right now (!?) However, We talk a lot about the subject, so there MUST be a couple of parameters we agree on - which?

25. November 07 ... 'The potatoes field' before winter sets in, potatoes, it was not for this year, but flowers and parsley, the parsley ate the brown snails, so now are planted a pear kind should provide some beautiful flowers which bees are crazy about - peppermint and poppies.

My blue Japan set is to be worn out, and the other day I heard in a movie that you have to wear the chains your creating you self :-)


19. November 07 ... Finally! This, I have been waiting for a couple of years exactly since the autumn of 2003, 35 paintings done on stainless steel, each in 120x120cm. and now they're coming up.

The paintings consists entirely of triangles, each second with a motif taken up, and every second only the energy of colour.


The motives acting on the concrete. 'Gravel pit', 'cement production,' 'Works carried out in concrete' and finally 'working at the factory', from the materials come in to the finished elements runs out.

These photos are not especially good, but will take some proper and have them posted on the 'decoration', under the CV


I'm opening an exhibition on Saturday in Horsens, Borgergade 11, 'Phøniks' the exhibition will last for three weeks. We call it 'Samtid'.

  24th of September 07.. 50x60 cm. 'Aura'

Sitting here and drinking hot herb tee with rum in it, I have had a fever for a couple of days now, and pain in every bones, I got some needles in my hand, together with my Coffey this morning and I think it helped a little!!

Fever gives you the wildest dreams without head and tale anywhere :-))


I am sorry that I'm not so good at updating the English site, I will see to change that.

  24th of September 07.. Don't know, but you will see.

My Muse - I said my muse :-)

The sharp ones will of the sentence above notice and lead out that I recently have read 'Gormenghast     Titus Groan' - recomendebel :-)

However in that book nobody talks about Muse, certainly not - I said certainly not :-))



With al what is trustworthy!



  22nd of September 07.. 50x60cm. 'Portrait of one I don't know'

How is life out there before your screen - hopefully good. I am a bet proud that you are looking at  my site -  fantastic!

How could I know that future possibility when I was a kid , playing around the potatoes mille in Brande?



I did not - I did not :-)


  18th of September 07.. 65x80cm. New and I cal it 'Flirt' - Have a good feeling about it :-)

Together with about thirty other paintings, mostly from this year, it will be shown live at 'Hvidovre Hospital' in Copenhagen, from the 9th of October 07, until  the 5th of November 07.

There will be no opening party, so if You got the time and the lust, just go there :-)



  14th of September 07... 115x130cm.

An example who shows how fare I can get in one shut. My little brother Aksel (Kror) says that I mostly should keep  it there :" What's not necessary is destroying, who the devil is it you try to impress?"

He has a point there, but it claims great courage!!

My little brother is a painter him self and also working with sculpture, he is quiet good at stopping in time :-)



  11th of September 07... 70x100cm. 'Movement'

That's the way it became, quit new, no over painting, and as I fell just now, it would not happen :-)

What is art? It is something artists do! Whom is the artists? It is the pointed out persons, ladies and gentlemen!!


The selected ones - indeed!!

  30th of august 07..... 120x140cm

I'm looking at the painting and think about something I hear all the time in the media, when they talk about art - you have to renew, to renew, to renew - the art of painting it self?

Who's agenda is that?

For the painter, here or him self, it must be more than enough if they do the best they can to renew there own paintings.

The autumn is arriving already, it s raining, raining and raining :-(

  27th of August 07... After a while some more rhythm and movement has appeared on this canvas, so to speak.

Last week I have been at an high school to dance Argentine Tango. Very inspiring week together with delightful people, good food and art every where.


Are listening to the German tenor Fritz Wunderlich right now - try it :-)



  5th of July 07.. 120x140cm, Self-portrait or 'Air tango'. I'm very fond of dancing Argentine Tango :-)

You can say a blue shirt!!!








  5th of June 07... 50x60cm, portrait of my good friend the  Danish actor Lars Lohmann, whom I met forty years ago, him and his wife Eva, at "The Athletics school  in Sønderborg", by the way, also where I met the art of painting!!

Have just been at a forty years jubilee at the school, we Was 35 from this fine particular year!!

It was a party :-)



  28th of May 07... 140x200cm. I'm VERY happy with this one, it is in that direction my work will bring me in the future -

 I think!! 

The introduction to this one, you can see a bit lower on this site, but the painting, as you can see, took happily over it selves :-)



  18. April 07... 70x97cm Quit new, and I think it is there -

Paintings are two dimensions, A friend told me the other day that dreams unfolds in the same dimension.

The physical world unfolds in three dimensions!!

Which can be purified in to two!!



  11.01.07.. 'Here it is', NOW, now it is finished : The size is (120x140) cm.

Have been a long time on it's way :-)

And it's still a dark and rainy day outside!!







  19 October 2005..... My house seen from the entrance I've just painted the house Green Umbra, I my self think it's nice :o))


Through the window you have a glimpse of the Atelier, it's 50 square meter with a lot of light..





This is the number board for the house, I made it yesterday, you can see it left for the window above....










7th of September 2005

With a little help from my friend, I had the pleasure bag in April to leap into the new millennium along with the rest of the population; better late than never!

I am glad that I can introduce you to my  homepage.

Welcome - I hope you'll enjoy your visit ;-)