2004 Sâo Paulo, together with: Ms. Karen Deget, Mr. Steen Rasmussen, Mr. Finn Have and Mr. Felix Pedersen. The exhibition was in connection with the EU-youth Jazzbands visit to Brazil.
2002 Oghlethotrpe Museum of  Modern Art, Atlanta USA. The Gallery Arthus from Århus was introducing some artworks from her artists...I was represented with four paintings.
2001 Århus Kunstbygning in Århus Denmark, together with B5, a group who all have had their childhood in Brande: Mr. Jan Milver, Mr. Philip Philipsen, Mr. Poul Shöbel and Mr. Aksel Kror (my younger brother) and myself as the eldest.
1997, 1998 Helgenæs Art Festival, Helgenæs Denmark, together with Mr. Preben Schmidt, Mr. Steffen Lüttge, Ms. Stine Ring Hansen, Mr. Nils Sylvest and Ms. Esther Vohnsen, all from Denmark.
1997, 1998 Rådhuset i Brande (Municipality), Denmark,  Rådhuset  i Thisted, Denmark and EURA Brussels, Belgium, together with "The Remise Akademy".
1993 Remisen Brande, Denmark,  together with members of  BKF (the Artists' Union in Denmark) Jutland.
1992 Karpazh Poland, together with artists from the county of Århus, invited by the council of Hammel, becauce  Karpazh and Hammel are "friendship towns".
1988 Rådhuset (Municipality) Brande, together with Mr. Niels Ejner Rust and Ms. Esther Vohnsen, both Denmark.